SMARTSOUND was found in November 2011 with a vision of achieving “The company with the World's Best Smart Healthcare Products/Solutions/Platforms”.
Based on new high technology of sensing and analyzing bioacoustics, we have contracted with Samsung Electronics for ‘New Technology Development’ and achieved the patent for ‘Auscultation Technique’.
We develop IoT-based Smart Devices by combining varoius sensors that can measure human vital signals.

We collaborate with leading medical professionals to design and develop SMART ALGORITHMS to provide Personalized Healthcare Products/Solutions specialized for the whole family.
In the future, we will enable transmission of the measured human body signals to Cloud Server (Big Data) and provide a conversion diagnosis platform service with AI/Deep Learning Technology.


To make the best smart device for every user to use easily and conveniently and feel satisfied.


To be the company of the best smart device/solution in the world


    Develop a product of the highest level, and construct global marketing and customer pool
    and to have people-oriented business management

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Smart App Award Health/Medical Category
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