SKEEPER Heart’s 8 health functions

SKEEPER Heart provides you 8 health functions for your healthy heart.
SKEEPER’s various functions will keep your healthy life kindly and precisely.


SKEEPER listens to your heartbeats
for 1 minute.
SKEEPER eliminates noise and extract clear heartbeats
which its accuracy is the world best healthcare devices level
professional medical devices.

Only using our own technology, "Sound Processing Technology"
No Side Effects on Elderly and Pregnant woman
Ensure to use safety


SKEEPER remembers your health records
and read your current health condition.
It collects your age, gender, physical conditions,
BPM and regularity and save them in data.

So you can take care of them.

Heart condition data

SKEEPER will show you graphs of weekly,
monthly, and yearly changes so that
you can refer to your health condition
and changes easily

You and your family will be able to check
daily conditions and work on healthy life
based on results, analysis and data.

Adult stress management

Unavoidable disease, stress.
SKEEPER will help you overcome stress.

Heartbeats react to little changes of emotional and mental health.
So when there’s stress, heartbeat will definitely
show the rapid changes.

SKEEPER will show your stress rate by collecting
changes of heartbeats and results of personal health examination
to protect your physical and emotional well-being.

Efficient health management
with special measurement

Like we all look different,
our hearts are different from each other.
SKEEPER provides various functions
for customized measurement.

Heart recovery which determines heart condition
and basic physical strength,
caffeine and alcohol recovery check-ups are available.

The best gift with love and hope

It must be love wishing mother’s health and happiness that is the best gift for mother in maternity.
SKEEPER will help mothers to listen to the heartbeats of pre-borns and take care of health altogether.

SKEEPER is the best gift for mothers on earth.


Main Product
USB Cable
Additional consumable part (Diaphragm)
Rubber Belt