SKEEPER Mama’s 8 health functions.

SKEEPER Mama provides you 8 health functions for your healthy heart.
SKEEPER’s various functions will keep your healthy life kindly and precisely.

Fetal measurement

Mother is always curious
and worried about her fetal.
Listen to its little heartbeats with SKEEPER.
Communicate with your fetal
while taking care of its health.


Mother must stay healthy for the pre-born
to stay healthy. Check mother’s heart with
Mother’s measurement SKEEPER provide.
SKEEPER checks heartbeat rate
and stability accurately
and show mother’s physical condition.

Weekly health

To raise a healthy baby,
mother must stay healthy.
SKEEPER Mama provides weekly diet,
exercise and customized health solution.
Ask Doctor SKEEPER function will give you solutions
and answers to help mother’s anxiety and questions.

Mother’s stress

It is general that mother is curious and nervous of pre-born’s being.
Witnessing physical changes may also give stress.
As the pro-born feels the same as the mother feels,
it is very important that the mother to keep peaceful state of mind.

SKEEPER shows mother’s stress status
by analyzing health examination and measurement,
and provides health solution to manage the stress.

The World only one,
mother’s heartbeat lullaby

Pro-born sleeps and wakes up
while listening to mother’s heartbeats for 10 months.
It feels the most safe and peaceful
when listening to mother’s heartbeats.

SKEEPER remix mother’s heartbeats with music
to compose world’s one and only lullaby.

The best gift with love and hope

It must be love wishing mother’s health and happiness that is the best gift for mother in maternity.
SKEEPER will help mothers to listen to the heartbeats of pre-borns and take care of health altogether.

SKEEPER is the best gift for mothers on earth.


Main Product
USB Cable
Additional consumable part (Diaphragm)
Rubber Belt