Smart Healthcare Device for Home Users

- Providing a variety of applications for every family's healthcare needs
- Simple Operation
- Smart Algorithms designed by medical experts
- Convenient via wired/wireless connection
- Safety of use

Guaranteed safety by using clear heartbeat only

SKEEPER does not input other harmful sounds created
by electronic devices but collects clear sounds of heartbeat
and process to refine with special voice process technique and wireless transfer method.
Convenient and familiar design
Design award winning SKEEPER is made with soft material
and its ergonomic design will provide users familiar and convenient feeling.
Three apps that suggest
you smart solutions
There are three apps which are SKEEPER Mama, SKEEPER Baby and SKEEPER Heart.
SKEEPER Mama - Healthcare for Mother & Fetus.
SKEEPER Heart - Healthcare for Adult, Senior & heart Diseases Patients
Skeeper Baby - Healthcare for Baby & Child.
Meet SKEEPER more convenient with those three apps.

The best gift with love and hope

It must be love wishing mother’s health and happiness that is the best gift for mother in maternity.
SKEEPER will help mothers to listen to the heartbeats of pre-borns and take care of health altogether.

SKEEPER is the best gift for mothers on earth.