SKEEPER is a Smart Healthcare Device that uses IoT technology.

Human Healthcare


Measure Heart Sound
Measure Fetus Heart Sound


SM-100’s Basic Functions
Measure Respiration Sound

SM-500(Coming in 2021)

Awesome Healthcare Gadget

  • Hear the vital sign
  • Share the sound data
  • Digital Index
  • Visualization
  • History
  • Examination
  • Patents
  • Safety & Reliable Test


Providing a variety of applications for every family’s healthcare needs

Provides Smart Applications for Customized Healthcare at Home.

  • Healthcare for Pregnant Women and Fetuses (SKEEPER MAMA)
  • Healthcare for Babies, Infants and Children (SKEEPER BABY)
  • Healthcare for Adults, Seniors and Cardiovascular Patients (SKEEPER HEART)

Simple Operation

SKEEPER H/W connects to the application via Bluetooth allowing you to see and hear the graph and heartbeat respectively. Anyone can check their health Status eaily, the digital indicator and grpahs analyzed by SKEEPER.

Smart Algorithms designed by medical experts

SKEEPER manages measured results by Smart Algorithm (by examination/ stethoscope/analysis/result/record), and can transmit results via SNS and E-mail.

  • You can use the “Age / Gender Heart Rate Standard” suggested by American Heart Association to objectively compare measured cardiac health.
  • By analyzing measurement information, BPM, Heartbeat Regularity, Heart Age, Stress Index, and Dietary/Exercise Data are provided.
  • History Management Function to sort by time, status, and family member profile.

Convenient via wired/wireless connection

SKEEPER connects earphones directly to the human body to measure its various sounds. You can hear the sound of fetus, heart, and lungs and access various functions through a dedicated application after connecting the SKEEPER to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Safety of Use

SKEEPER does not use harmful input methods, e.g. ultrasonic wave or current devices. Instead, it collects the sound signals of human body by the principle of Mic sound collection and uses SKEEPER’s specialized sound processing technology and wired transmission methods. It is absolutely harmless to the human body, and as such is safe for use with young children or the elderly.


Basic Check-Up
Mother Healthcare
Fetus Healthcare
Mom's Healthcare Program
Health Management
History Management
Heart Condition
Mother's Heartbeat Music
Stress Management
Exercise Management
Caffeine Sensitivity
Alcohol Sensitivity

Product Specification

Product Name Skeeper
Wireless Connection
Bluetooth BLE 4.2
Profile HFP
Basic Specification
Size(Wx Dx H) 62mm x 62mm x 35mm, 40Ø
Weight 53g
Ports Micro USB
Sensor Type MEMS
Materials(Upper) Silicon Rubber
Power Source Battery
Battery Type Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polyerbattery
Recharging Time About80Min. by Micro USB Cable
Hours of battery use About8Hours (measurement)
Components (Box)
USB Cable(0.5m) 1EA
User Guide 1EA
Android Support Android ver.9.0 or latest version
iOS Support iPhone 8 (Device Model) or latest version

WithaPET’s One – Year Warranty
If any part of the product proves to be defective within one year of the date of purchase or receipt, it will be repaired free of charge or replaced if necessary.