SKEEPER Application For MAMA

For your lovely baby, you should be the smartest and healthiest mother.

PERSONALIZED Healthcare for pregnant woman

This program is a personalized healthcare program developed jointly with the World’s Leading Medical Experts. It is a total solution whereby pregnant women can participate in the Five-Step Coaching Program and carry out systematic pregnancy healthcare to ensure a “Healthy Baby”.
Check the health status of pregnant women once a day by Smart Stethoscope
SKEEPER manages health through periodic measuring of health variables. The device measures BPM, Heartbeat Regularity, Stress Index, Exercise and Dietary Information, and is capable of monitoring changes in health status by History Management.
Fetus Heartbeat Auscultation

SKEEPER allows you to hear the fetal heart sound from 25 weeks of pregnancy, to check whether it is within normal range and share it with the SNS.

  • If you want to communicate with your baby in the womb.
  • If you wonder suddenly about your baby’s health condition.
  • If you want to share the sound of your baby with someone far away via SNS
Turn Mother’s Heartbeat into Prenatal Music - Brain Development, Emotional Stability

SKEEPER can make prenatal music by mixing music with the sound of the mother’s heartbeat. Developed with the World’s First patented technology of its kind, it helps babies’ brain development and emotional stability.

Pre-mother’s Voice & Heartbeat Help Fetus’s Brain Development (Industry Medical Experts)

Key Functions

Pregnant Women’s Personal Healthcare Program
Stress Management (Fetal Health)

Stress Management
(Fetal Health)

Hearing the Fetal Heart Sound

(From 25 weeks, Fetal Communication)

Mother’s Heartbeat Sound Music Production

(Prenatal Music, Lullaby, Childbirth Celebration Music)

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