Listen to your Pet Health

WITHaPET will help you manage your pet’s health.

4 Most Common Concerns for Pet Owners

I wish I knew that they were sick ahead of time…

- Hard to deal with difficulty when pets get sick
- Expensive Medical Treatment

Trouble leaving pets home alone.

- Stress Increases & Emotional Instability
- Emergencies may occur

High frequency of regular checkups.

- Needs regular checkups before the spread of disease
- Share the health statuses of your pets with animal hospitals

Rising medical expenses as pets get older (7+ yrs)

- Increases in diseases and chronic illnesses
- Heart disease is the major illness
- Regular checkups are needed

Diagrams for Measuring Pets at Home

Health Monitoring and Management for your pet

  • Vital signs exceeding stable health range indicates that they should go to the hospital.
  • Connected and Shared between home and pet hospital.

Two Types of Measurements

  • Real-time Measurement(1 min)
  • Multi-times Setting Measurement

Product Launch Phase

  • 1st (2020) : Heart Sound (BPM) and Lung Sound (Respiratory Rate)
  • 2nd (2021) : Thermometer
  • 3rd (Upcoming) : Quantity of Motion and Location Tracking

measure and monitor beat per minute for pet's heart and lung!

Measure Pet's Heart

  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Sleeping Heart Rate
  • BPM History Graph

Measure Pet's Lung

  • Resting Respiratory Rate
  • Sleeping Respiratory Rate
  • RRR/SRR History Graph

withapet's 6 Key Functions

1. Optimized for Measurement Environment (Over the Fur) of Pets​
2. Measures the Changes in Heart and Respiratory Rate
  • Sleeping Heart Rate
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate History
  • Sleeping Respiratory Rate Resting
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Respiratory Rate History
3. Setting Time and Automatic Measurement with Smartphone

Setting Measurement Time.

Automatically Measured
and Saved on Device.

Synchronize Measurement Results.

4. Alram and Detect the Warning Sign (Out of Normal Range)​

Automatically(Manually) Measure Heart / Respiratory rate when sleeping or resting, When continues at 20-30% increased rate (Yellow) – Observation When continues at more than 30% increased rate (Red) – Should Visit Vet !

5. Stores and Analyzes the Data in a Cloud Server Shared with Animal Hospitals.
6. Heartbeat Music for Pets


Product Specification


Item of General Information Contents Unit
Model WP-100 -
Size(W X D X H) 50 X 50 X 15 mm
Weight 18 g
Ports USB C Type -
Sensor Type MEMS MIC -
Meterial(top) Rubber -
color white/black/blue -
Power Source Battery -
Battery Type Li-ion Polymer 3.7V 80mA/h -
Recharging Time About 30 by USB C Type min
Battery Using Time About 200 min
Compatibility Android/IOS -

WithaPET’s One – Year Warranty
If any part of the product proves to be defective within one year of the date of purchase or receipt, it will be repaired free of charge or replaced if necessary.